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When Mother’s Day is Hard

We have 5 children, one each from our first marriages and then our 3 youngest together.  Our two oldest are only 3 months apart in age, just 3 and almost 3 when we married, nearly 31 years ago.   Blending a family is no joke,…

Oh, that I could (a mama’s lament)

If I could go back  and do it all again -or maybe just parts of it… I would honor who He made you to be more than forcibly attempting to mold you into who I thought you should become. I would listen more with…

Step On Up

I remember the first time I met him.  He was all of two years old and the tiniest little replica of his daddy.  It was adoration at first sight for me.  He was a bit of a show off and knew he had his…

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