There is something holy about bringing a new life into this world.  The first encounter I had with Him was the moment just before I first met you on the outside.

You were all beautiful, pink, squishy and seemingly perfect.  He was all love, grace, and truly perfect.

Once we took you home, you were all consuming, completely demanding, and somehow still so very close to perfect, while He was everywhere with no demands, just offering His perfect grace and unconditional love.

I am born again because you were born.  Your agonizing and joyous birth set my life on a new and elevated path following Him that will ripple through generations.

You are the miracle I never deserved.  You are the child that made me a mama and His beloved child, all at once.

You are deeply loved without condition, hoped for daily and prayed for always.  

Happy Birthday, Beloved Child of His and mine.

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