Tomatoes and Blessings…

Yesterday my Honey and I went to get two new tires on our old, wonderful car that I have come to love.  I was so thankful that we could put the tires (with nitrogen injected into them, btw…) on without having to eat hot dogs for 4 weeks straight or paying the electric bill a week late and then setting up payments.  We went and got a bagel while we waited and then grabbed some things from Costco – LOVE this store!!  Just as we were headed to the front of the  store, they called my Honey and said the tires were on and we were good to go.  Perfect timing…

We picked up our little, old car and she is running smoooooooth, now.  We went to see a matinee and got a free ticket for next time – now, that’s just the cherry on top, isn’t it?!  After the movie we went to Maggiano’s for dinner – I LOVE gift cards!!  We talked, held hands, laughed a lot – do you know my Honey?! – and savored every minute of our life together.  I was especially happy because our fantabulous cleaning lady had done her magic and I was going home to a clean house.  Ladies, does it get much better than that?!

Last night we were talking about how wonderful our day was and reviewing our plan to go to Barton Springs together after he drove two early Duck tours, since it looked like the only 80+ temp sunny day during our spring break.  We have been so excited about ringing in spring/summer at Barton, as we have every year since moving to Texas.  Just before 9:00 last night he got a text asking him to play bass this Sunday at church and attend rehearsal tonight.  So… No Barton Springs this Spring Break…  It’s his first time to play at Gateway and he is a wreck, btw!  So, this morning I made a nice little breakfast for my Honey before he left and then for my two youngest men.   I had the nicest conversations with my babies, who are not babies at all anymore, but will always be my babies.

Bob was supposed to come home for a couple of hours before he went to the rehearsal at church, but the office called and they needed him to drive another tour at 3:30 today.  He’ll go straight to our church and he’ll do an amazing job.  I’ll be home, praying for him and his nerves and believing in him, his talent, his heart…

All of our Texas kiddos are coming for dinner and games, and I am overwhelmed with a greatful heart.  I have the meat in one crockpot, the black beans in another crockpot and I’ve cut up more tomatoes than any one person should cut in a month.  My primary love language is quality time and they are choosing to spend time with me…

Scott and Bailey are coming after he gets out of work.  Hannah and Maggie will be here anytime to help with the prep work.  Caleb is running to the grocery store to pick up the 8 – 10 things I forgot yesterday.  Aaron is picking up Daisy as I type.  I just keep thinking of all of the things I love about these men and women who are more precious to me than any of them can imagine.

Scott is my sweet, grumpy old man.  He is the reason I first began to believe in God.  He is gruff, and can be tender-hearted, and loving and strong.   He is so very creative and passionate and I love that he is beginning to see who he really is and is embracing that.  He is a good man.  I always said he wouldn’t date bunches of girls, but when he met the one God intended, he would know, without any doubt and that would simply be that.

Bailey is Scott’s only true love.  She is great at getting through, being strong and surviving.  She loves God and is starting to truly believe He loves her and thinks she is precious.  She has so much talent and drive, but my goal in my relationship with her is to show her that I love her without condition for who she is and not for what she does or is capable of and because God has put that love for her in my heart like I have for all of my children.

Hannah is such a mix of her daddy and I.  She has all of his talent, his sense of humor, his ability to go with the flow.  She has my smile, my cynicism and fierce loyalty that often enables those around us.  She is mature beyond her years and is too passionate for her own good, but without her passion, she would be a shell of what He intended her to be.  She is my defender and my girl.

Maggie is so much like me that sometimes it’s a little creepy.  Like Bailey, I have let her into my heart and I don’t think she’s going anywhere.  She is one of our kids.  She is Hannah’s best friend and the Caleb’s first love.  The fact that the 3 of them have survived this crazy and wonderful triangle of love for 5 years is quite a feat and testimony of their love and character.  I love how she loves my children and how she works at being a part of this family.

Caleb is so full of emotion and is so good at appearing “together” that I have always had a fierce need to protect him.  He is the sassiest of all of my children and the most loyal.  When he loves someone, he loves them completely.  If they betray him, his instinct tells him to close the door and never look back, but he has worked incredibly hard to become a forgiving person and my heart soars when I watch him work at this.  He is my perfectionist and my professor.  He is the one who will run errands for me and take care of “man” stuff.   (Acts of Service is my secondary love language.) If he is interested in something, he will learn every detail about that thing.  If he is not, then he will not…

Daisy is my Aaron’s love.  Three years ago we knew he had a mad crush on her, but now we all know she has become his best buddy.  I don’t know Daisy very well, but I see how Aaron smiles when he is with her.  I see that they are goofy when they spend time together and that makes this mama’s heart happy.  She has a great sense of humor, which is essential in this life and this family and an absolutely beautiful smile.  I hope that we will all get to know Daisy better and that she will come to love this crazy family of ours.

Aaron is our baby.  Caleb only has 2 minutes on him, but Aaron is the baby of our family in so many ways.  He is the one who is most like his daddy in the obvious ways.  When he was little I referred to him as my “suck-the-life-out-of-me” kid.  His love language is words of affirmation and being the McDowell that I am, his personality grew me BIG when he was young.  He is the boy who tells me I’m pretty and thanks me for things.  He is also the boy who cleans the house constantly and what mama doesn’t love that?!

There is so much more to all of my precious children.  I wish I could go on and on about each of them.  I am so excited to be part of their lives.  I am savoring every moment as I watch their lives unfold before them.  They are such honorable people.  They all make me laugh.  Sometimes when they all get together and they start to joke around about their mom, I don’t think they’re terrible funny…

accurate, but not terribly funny.  They all really love me and that is so much more than I deserve with all of my human frailities and faults.  How in the world do I get to be blessed with an evening with all of them?   God’s grace, love, and blessings are all more than I can stand…

OH!  I have to go cut more tomotoes and find Taboo…

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